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Javier Hernandez pinpoints the secret behind Sir Alex Ferguson’s extended success at Manchester United

Chicharito identifies key to Sir Alex Ferguson’s prolonged success at Old Trafford.

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Sir Alex Ferguson, between 1986 and 2013, led Manchester United through its most prosperous and extended period of triumph, securing 13 Premier League titles and a pair of Champions League trophies, alongside numerous other distinguished accolades. The legendary Scot navigated through innumerable roster changes during his tenure at Old Trafford, maintaining a motivated squad throughout.

Javier Hernandez, famously known as ‘Chicharito,’ spent three of his five years at United under Ferguson’s tutelage after being signed from Mexico’s Club Deportivo Guadalajara. The promising 22-year-old claimed two Premier League titles before the departure of the revered manager in 2013.

Hernandez attributes the exceptional success during Ferguson’s era at Manchester United to his meticulous player management skills.

Speaking to Paramount+, Hernandez emphasized, “I’ve always maintained that his manner of treating his players was the greatest lesson. To manage a team of such magnitude, one must comprehend the diverse nature of each player.”

He added, “His management during my time was extraordinary, leading us to numerous league victories. His profound understanding of us, beyond our roles as footballers, extended to our families, making us contenders in the Champions League and victors in other competitions.”

Chicharito profoundly valued that a person of Ferguson’s stature and accomplishment in football took the time to intimately understand each player. “That’s what I valued and learned the most from him,” he concluded.

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