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How Man Utd can sign Kylian Mbappe for less than the cost of Rasmus Hojlund

BBC Sport reporter Simon Stone has gone onto Twitter and shared something that could provide a loophole for United.

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Just hold on a second.

You’re all probably thinking, in what world would Kylian Mbappe cost less than Rasmus Hojlund?

Have we gone mad? Surely the world’s best player would not cost less than a player who is more potential than world beater right now.

We haven’t lost our marbles and nor are we suggesting that an Mbappe transfer from Paris Saint-Germain would cost less than Hojlund from Atalanta.

But we might have found a potential opening here for the club.

It’s being reported by multiple outlets that Atalanta are asking up to €80m to sign the Danish striker this summer. It’s also being reported that United do not want to overpay for a player who hasn’t had much experience at a high level of elite football.

So how does Mbappe fit into this?

BBC Sport reporter Simon Stone has gone onto Twitter and shared something that could provide a loophole for United.

That’s because he’s tweeted that PSG are open to the idea of Kylian Mbappe leaving the club on loan this summer to see out the final year of his contract elsewhere.

As many people expect him to join Real Madrid next season on a free, a temporary loan move would still allow Mbappe to join Los Blancos in 12 months’ time, while providing him an opportunity to play top level football this season and also generate a loan fee for PSG.

A win-win for everyone.

Although there is no evidence that the loan fee for Mbappe would be paltry, but could it be less than the €80m that Atalanta want for Hojlund?

The record loan fee for a player was the €18m that Juventus paid for Alvaro Morata in 2020, when they re-signed the Spaniard from Atletico Madrid.

Although Mbappe’s loan fee would cost a lot more than Morata’s, and break a loan fee record in its own right, could United snap up the French superstar for less than €80m? It’s possible. It could prove a win-win for all.

PSG would get Mbappe off their books and remove the headache of a player that they want to cut ties with as quickly as possible. For Mbappe, he’d get the opportunity to move to a league that he would find more competitive than Saudi (we’re sure that Mbappe would rather compete for the UEFA Champions League still this season) and also play for one of world’s biggest football institutions. And United would get a stopgap player in the doors now, albeit an elite world-class stopgap, before looking at the likes of Harry Kane or re-entering the market for Hojlund next summer when he has a bit more experience under his belt.

It could be another win-win for everyone.

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