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Alejandro Garnacho poised for Manchester United jersey number shift following club website hint

United’s website hints at new shirt number for Alejandro Garnacho as his no. 49 jersey is not listed on the site.

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Manchester United’s official website has given a hint regarding a potential new squad number for young star Alejandro Garnacho.

With the new season’s kick-off approaching, there’s an evident absence of a designated squad number for Garnacho, as per observations from the club’s online store.

Last season, the 19-year-old Argentine sensation donned the No.49 jersey and continued to sport it throughout the pre-season matches.

However, fans eager to get his No.49 jersey from the club’s online store might be disappointed as it’s NOT listed, hinting at a change for the winger in the forthcoming season.

With the exits of David de Gea and Phil Jones, squad numbers No.1 and No.4 are open. Additionally, numbers like No.13, No.15, No.30, No.31, and No.32 remain unclaimed. And if Raphael Varane decides to switch to No.4, the No.19 could be up for grabs too.

Rumors had once suggested Garnacho might inherit the coveted No.7 jersey in the aftermath of Cristiano Ronaldo’s much-talked-about departure. However, Mason Mount has been handed the prestigious number.

Which jersey will Garnacho sport this season? Share your thoughts!

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