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Agent states Gabriel Martinelli wanted to join Manchester United

Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli once aspired to join Manchester United, as revealed by his agent.

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Arsenal star Gabriel Martinelli wanted to join Manchester United and was sad about missing out on a move to United, as detailed by his agent Luiz Antonio Moraes in a recent interview with The Athletic.

The Brazilian prodigy underwent four trials with the Red Devils during his younger days and even showcased his talent for their Under-18 squad in a friendly match.

Following his time at Old Trafford, Martinelli also spent a two-week spell with Barcelona. But much like with United, the Catalan giants decided against a formal contract offer.

Discussing the emotions that surrounded Martinelli’s missed opportunity at United, Moraes shared, “He was sad when the United move didn’t work out, but it didn’t last long. But he just kept working. Maybe even more than before. Ga is a great example for all young players. Things never went to his head.”

Despite the missed chance to nab Martinelli, Manchester United showed initial interest in him after spotting his talent at Brazilian outfit Ituano.

Yet, reservations regarding his long-term potential led to no formal offer. In a twist of fate, Martinelli found his European calling when he signed with Arsenal in 2019.

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